Penguins Waddle to the Waterfront

On Friday, May 5th, the sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma at the University of Delaware attended their annual White Rose Spring Formal at the Chesapeake Inn in Chesapeake City, MD. The venue provided salad and soup while the sisters snapped photographs with the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay as their backdrop. The evening continued with a delectable dinner and dancing. The formal concluded with bite-sized desserts. Below are some photos of our gorgeous GSS girls.

unnamed     unnamed-3.jpg


18447314_1429645473740393_2853451862935882423_n  18425572_1429645637073710_46222340701975474_n


18447483_1429646043740336_1313515482025721288_n   18403541_1429645303740410_5577346877237217921_n

18403518_1429644510407156_7145576119723470157_n       unnamed-2


18268582_1309869042401390_5700312506720312947_n       18425128_1425266144198810_9218086292636507210_n


Special thanks to the White Rose Committee for giving us such a spectacular night!

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