Family Spotlight: Las Fuegas Chicas

1800280_897673203576077_3422995380984535153_nFun fact: Las Fuegas Chicas is the only family who can trace their lineage back to a founding sister! Las Fuegas Chicas are related to Diane Perkins, one of the founding sisters. Rosemary Gallagher, a member of this family who graduated in 1983, still remembers her time in Gamma Sig fondly (read all about it here!). Now, Las Fuegas Chicas has a couple different active branches.

10432106_897673733576024_4625140851258194530_nOne of the active branches calls themselves the Froyo Branch. It’s a pretty small branch – currently, the only sisters are Colleen, Karen & Jessica – and they’re super excited to grow with the Beta Lambda pledge class.

10527854_10152209058078341_1065495954367285858_nAccording to Colleen, they call themselves the Froyo Branch because all of their first dates with each other was over froyo at Yogoberry, and they’re always down for to eat some!


Family Spotlight: BWI Family

image (1)The BWI Family branched off of the WOLI family (just about 6 generations ago!), though no one really knew what WOLI stood for. image

According to Kaiti, the BWI family likes to be a bit quirky and use little stubby candles instead of the normal tall, taper candles for activation of new members. At activation, new additions to the BWI family are given rocking animal hats, and they celebrate the new additions by going out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner afterwards (yum!!)

image (2)Kaiti, Krystal and Megan are the only active members of BWI this semester, but they are SO excited to meet everyone and search for new Beta Lambdas to join their family!

Family Spotlight: MLB Family

unnamed (1)The MLB Family is a small family, though they have grown considerably in the past couple years. Prior to Dani, the MLB family line included almost no twins for a large number of pledge classes back. More recently, there have been multiple sets of twins growing the family slightly.

The MLB family used to be known as the Jersey family, but the origins of MLB is unknown to current members (however, it does NOT stand for Major League Baseball like one might assume!). MLB is very proud of their family colors (bright blue & zebra print!)


Fun fact: At activation, new members of the MLB family are given a crazy outfit, including feather boas, leis, huge sunglasses and pompoms, and Bigs add an additional component for each new Little.

Family Highlight: STMM Family

10257856_635728719853962_1399388103694377639_nThe STMM Fam was founded in 2014 after branching off from the Navy Branch, following the crazy family expansions of the Beta Iota pledge class. Under their matriarch, Abby, Kaitlyn, Stefanie, Quanny, & Hope are a super close family and LOVE spending time with each other! STMM stands for the following: Straight Thugging, Mean Mugging.

10665683_711766672250166_8801594479953814915_nFounded on the ideals of danceology and being flawless (in the famous words of Beyonce), the STMM fam is most likely to be found on any dance floor. Quanny says that they’re looking for some new “dancing fools” to join their crew this semester, so if that’s you, Beta Lamdas, keep an eye out for them!10950064_820101304750035_63140195_n

Family Spotlight: Sweethart Family

1452173_10201250959253018_229141703_nThe Sweetharts started out small but have grown so much the past few semesters! They’re named after Kate Hartman, one of the sisters who founded our line (why Sweethart is spelled with an “a” instead of an “ea”!).

10252183_10152119447583481_8400764965805309929_nThe Sweethart family history can be traced way back to the Alpha Psi pledge class with just a few members, but today there are about 20 active sisters in our family. There are 4 active branches of Sweetharts, each with their own slightly different traditions for activation and Big/Little week.

sweethartAccording to Caroline, “We all love to spoil new members of the family with lots of heart shaped good and also always go to the Olive Garden together after every activation to celebrate our new sisters (and eat way too many bread sticks)”. They cannot wait to welcome our newest bunch Beta Lambda Sweetharts!

Fun fact: Nester the service dog is an honorary Sweethart (and probs the cutest member of the fam!)18285_887798084615481_8664157115448683919_n

Family Spotlight: Sun-Kissed Family

10246486_10202933823200706_5171535797086238030_nIn Spring 2014, the Sun-Kissed Family was formed when two branches of separate families decided to merge into one. Rachel & Kim were the two that sparked the merge, as they were roommates & best friends, and both of their branches were very close. They wanted to make it official and become their own family, but they first needed a name! They finally agreed on a name when Jill suggested the Sun-Kissed Family at White Rose that spring, which they thought fit perfectly with all of their personalities.


Fun Fact: One of the Sun-Kissed Fam’s favorite poses is to make goofy chipmunk faces in photos!

10246743_10152370395548116_466402924678930492_n (1)

Family Spotlight: Good Hair Family

Just some fun sisters with good hair!

The Good Hair family is one of the biggest active families, and has had a lot of branches branch off to form smaller families over the years, but all of the branches still try to stay close! After activation, the entire Good Hair Family goes to Deer Park together and takes up an entire side room to celebrate the activation of the newest sisters with good hair! Since the family is so big, each of the branches has their own traditions and style.

Jackie, Emily, Rachel & Jenae’s branch in the Good Hair Family before they had a HUGE expansion with the Beta Iota pledge class 🙂

In Jenae’s branch, even though we all go to the University of Delaware, no one is from the state of Delaware…everyone is from out of state!

Good hair not required 😉

Fun fact: while they are called the Good Hair Family, having good hair is not a requirement, but it usually happens anyway by chance that all the members of the good hair family have some pretty great hair!

Family Spotlight: The Harry Potter Fam

hp famThe Harry Potter Fam is another small but mighty family! Started in Fall 2013 by Jackie & Jessica, there are currently 4 girls in the Harry Potter Fam. When Jackie & Jessica first started the family, the biggest thing they had in common was their love for Harry Potter, which inspired the family name. According to Jess,  “On our official one-on-one sister date, we spent three hours in Panera talking about Harry Potter. During big little week, I made her a lot of Harry Potter related crafts, left her Harry Potter related clues about my identity, and did a Triwizard Tournament themed reveal. It was only right that we name our family the Harry Potter fam.” hp fam3
Fun Fact: Each line passes Harry Potter glasses down to new Littles at activation. Paxton’s glasses are from the Harry Potter Studios Tour in London!hp fam2
Each new addition to the Harry Potter Fam is sorted into a House from Hogwarts, and this spring, they are looking to add a few new littles, and are currently searching for a Hufflepuff!

Family Spotlight: The Swoosh Family

Big & Little, Ashleigh & Amanda
Big & Little, Ashleigh & Amanda

Even though the Swoosh family is one of the smallest families, they’re one of the families with the most love!  Right now, Big & Little, Ashleigh & Amanda, are the only members, but they are looking to expand this spring (so Beta Lambdas, keep an eye out!) Since Ashleigh & Amanda are the founding members, they got to pick their name, the Swoosh Family, which came about because they ran a race together and swooshed by the rest of the competition! Every week, they get together to have dinner before chapter, which is how they make sure to stay close, and they can’t wait for their future littles to join them next semester!

Family Spotlight: The Lovebug Family

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Maddi, Riley, Sara, Alisa, Shadoe, Susanna, Jill, Sam, Sarah
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Maddi, Riley, Sara, Alisa, Shadoe, Susanna, Jill, Sam, Sarah

The Lovebug Family branched off from the Sweethart family in Spring 2014. After the Beta Iota pledge class, the family grew from just being 2 active sisters to 6, with an additional 3 sisters added in that spring. Maddi & Alisa were the only two in their line after Maddi’s big, Zaynah graduated in Spring 2013, but with the Beta Iota pledge class, Alisa & Maddi both took twins. With all these new additions, the Lovebug family was surpassing the Sweethart Family in size, which prompted the branch off. The following spring, Riley, Jill & Maddi all took littles, bringing the family to 9.  There are currently four generations of the Lovebug family still active, and this spring, the Lovebug family is looking to grow even more with the newest pledge class, the Beta Lambdas!! A fun tradition in the Lovebug family is for the big to give her little back any of the obnoxious things left behind in her room during Big/Little week (usually tinsel & confetti), a tradition beginning when Maddi (lovingly!!) covered Zaynah’s room in feathers, not realizing that feathers expand when removed from the bags they come in at Michaels.