Penguins Waddle All Over the World

This spring break, our sisters did some pretty amazing things! A few spectacular sisters shared their memories with us below!

“I’m taking an online class called Cruise Ship Management (HOSP390) throughout the semester. Over spring break, we got to travel on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to Florida and the Bahamas! We learned all about how cruise ships are run and even got a behind-the-scenes tour of the ship where we saw everything from the kitchens to the laundry room to the control room. We also had a bunch of excursions at the destinations like kayaking, snorkeling, and a tour of the Atlantis Resort. It was a really fun spring break and a great class!”- Jenna Friedman, Beta Iota

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“Over spring break, some of our lovely sisters volunteered at the Lori’s Hands Green Ribbon Gala. It was a great night for our philanthropy and the volunteers were a huge part of making it a success.”- Madison Swenson, Beta Lambda 


“I visited Venice and Aviano, Italy over my spring break!” -Alexis Coverdale, Beta Mu

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“This spring break I went to Jamaica with the University of Delaware nursing program! I provided nursing care to children and adults with disabilities at Mustard Seed. It was the most amazing experience!” -Taylor Mitchell, Beta Kappa

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It looks like our sisters had a great time traveling, volunteering, and studying this spring break! Keep waddling, penguins! 


Sister Highlight – Paxton Mittleman!

1506164_10205342505016413_6314261556518833870_oPaxton is a sophomore Communications and English double majors and pledged Beta Kappa. She loves Gamma Sig because she’s met girls that make her laugh and lift her up every single day. Her favorite project is the Soup Kitchen.

Her favorite memory from this year is meeting all of the fantastic Beta Lambdas who are so passionate about service and ready to be the best sisters they can be!

We gamma love you Paxton!

Sister Highlight – Amy Barlow!


Amy is a junior management information systems major and spanish Minor! She pledged Beta Iota. She loves Gamma Sig because it gives her the opportunity to do fun service projects with a great group of girls. Her favorite project is Stockings for Soldiers!

Her favorite TV show is Friends!

We gamma love you Amy!

Sister Highlight – Caroline Corke!


Caroline is a senior mass communications and french double major. She pledged Beta Eta and loves Gamma Sig because she is able to make lifelong friends while giving back to the community. Her favorite project is ECC!

She has an unhealthy addiction to The Real Housewives franchise and Bravo in general!

We gamma love you Caroline!

Sister Highlight – Jenn Riling!


Jenn is a sophomore marine science major and she pledged Beta Kappa! She loves Gamma Sig because she could meet wonderful girls while giving back to the community and her favorite project is A.I. Dupont.

Her guilty pleasure is obsessing over anything beach related.

We gamma love you Jenn!

Sister Highlight – Sarah Morland!


Sarah is a senior elementary education major. She pledge Beta Eta at UD but previously pledged the Tau Chapter in Fall 2011. She loves Gamma Sig because she can make a difference in the community with the help of her best friends and her favorite project is the American Girl Fashion Show.

Her guilty pleasures are sappy TV Shows, chocolate, and sourpatch watermelons!

We gamma love you Sarah!