Sister of the Week- 3/15/15

Congratulations Meghan O’Donnell!

The nomination:

We would like to nominate Meghan O’Donnell for sister of the week for her generosity, which truly embodies the values of Gamma Sigma Sigma. Meghan had already reached her goal for UDance and instead of raising more money for her own total, she graciously donated money to two sisters who had not yet reached their totals for UDance. We are very thankful to Meghan and are excited to dance at UDance with her this year!

– Allison Gable and Janelle Bentley


Sister of the Week- Jess Johnson


Congratulations Jess!

Here’s her nomination:

Having a pledge class of 178 means that whoever needs to organize the invitations has a really big job ahead of them. Even with a near breakdown or two, Jess (and her awesome committee) managed to print some of the cutest invitations we’ve ever had, and get all the invitations delivered in an organized way. I know that the Beta Lambdas were so happy and excited to get their invitations, and I am so proud of Jess and how she handled this extremely large task. Love your big ❤ -Jackie Close

Sister of the Week- Alex Taylor!

Thank you for writing in for Sister of the Week! Congratulations Alex!


Below are the testimonials for Alex:

At the special needs dance, there was a guest who collapsed and we needed to call 9-1-1. Alex quickly jumped into action, helping hold her down while she was flailing. Alex stayed calm in a very stressful situation and it was clear that she picked the right major as a nurse. I was so proud watching her tend to the woman and I think that Alex’s actions truly exemplified what it means to be a gamma sig girl
-Leigh Clouser

Last night, a bunch of girls and I volunteered at the Special Needs Dance. While it was very fun, it was also very eye opening. One of the attendants suffered a seizure, but Alex’s nursing instinct quickly kicked in and she was right by the woman’s side. Her calm nature, knowledge and maturity in an extremely emotional moment was both inspiring and reassuring. I believe she should be Sister of the Week because she deserves recognition for her kind heart and willingness to help others. I feel proud to not only know Alex as a person, but as a sister and member of my family.
-Meghan Moran

Alex taylor should be sister of the week because las night at a service event, the cognitively disabled adult dance, one of the attendees had a seizure and as a 3rd year nursing student Alex ran to go help. There was subpar medical support on site, and Alex led the effort to help treat this woman until the ambulance came. This went above and beyond the act of being not only an amazing sister but an awesome citizen, and just shows hope great of a nurse she will be one day!
-JoAnna Hickmott

I am nominating Alex Taylor for sister of the week because on Friday night she helped assist a woman with special needs after she had fallen down. Alex stayed by the woman’s side until the paramedics arrived and continued to help calm the woman down. Overall Alex was brave and selfless while helping out someone in need.

Sister of the Week!

This week we have both last weeks and this weeks sister of the week!
Last week was Jenna Cassara!
I’d like to nominate Jenna Cassara for Sister of the Week because she is ALWAYS willing to help a sister out. This week especially stood out for me when the guest we were having on the news show I’m on cancelled last minute. I texted a bunch of people, but Jenna got back to me within seconds saying she’d love to help out! Jenna was an amazing guest on “49 News” on Thursday night, where she talked about her love for UDAB. She was so cooperative and enthusiastic and I, along with the rest of the crew, were so grateful to have her on the show. She always goes above and beyond to help people however she can. – Abbie Goldring
And this week was Dr. E!
Gamma Sig has so many unsung heroes, but I want to recognize someone who always goes out of her way to make sure that Gamma Sig is a success and that every single member is taken care of. I’d like to nominate our adviser, Dr. E, for sister of the week this week, which is a little unconventional, I know, but I think that she truly deserves it. Dr. E is always around for anyone who needs her, and she is constantly giving to the sorority, but very rarely does she accept any credit for her work. This past week, after Philanthropy presentations, Dr. E wanted to make sure that any sisters who needed the contact information for Cancer Care Connection got it, and has done an amazing job looking out for the well-being of all of our sisters. When a crazy almost-robbery happened at the Alex and Ani fundraiser this week, Dr. E was one of the first people to respond and help out, and made sure that all of our girls were safe. I can’t think of a better woman to serve as our adviser, and we’re so incredibly lucky to have Dr. E looking out for us! Gamma love, Maddi Valinski
Congrats to our Sisters (or advisors) of the week! Have a great week everyone!

Sister of the Week!

This weeks sister of the week is Mackenzie Janus.  Mackenzie had a TON of nominations this week for her amazing work on the homecoming banner! 


“We would like to nominate Mackenzie because she went above and beyond in creating our fantastic Homecoming Banner. She was willing to take on a large responsibility on her own to represent our organization in a creative and positive manner. I cannot imagine how much hard work went into the planning, and executing this masterpiece piece of artwork! Not only does it capture the spirit of Homecoming but it also made us proud to call her our sister. Mackenzie exemplified what being a member of Gamma Sig is all about, a commitment to serving her community and a pride in all that is accomplished. I can think of no one more deserving of Sister of the Week! 

Thank you so much Mackenzie!!
Gamma Love,
Alexandra Glinka, Caroline Corke, and Katie Sterbenz”

Congrats Mackenzie on being sister of the week and all of your hard work! 

Sisters of the Week!

A big shoutout to our two sisters of the week this week for being exceptional role models and super sweet sisters! We love you ladies!

Gwen Meredith

Gwen Meredith: “This past week at AI Dupont I was sitting with a maybe 10-year-old kid who seemed to want to keep to himself and not talk to any of the girls volunteering on this project. I tried to chat him up for a few minutes and could tell he was just really over having small talk with various volunteers coming in and out of the hospital. Luckily for both of us, Gwen sat down and began talking to him right away. As they continued talking she discovered his passion for video games, which she also shares, and they were able to talk the majority of the time we were there. Seeing this kid’s face light up because of how awesome and important Gwen made him feel was an amazing thing to witness. I know that she may have only spent a little time with him that day, but I also know she certainly made his day infinitely better. Gamma love Gwen!” – Dani Roth

Jess Johnson

Jessica Johnson:”I would like to nominate Jessica Johnson for sister of the week because ever since day one, she has been killing it on blog committee. This week specifically, she took the lead of one her roles only hours after our meeting and got ahead of the game with one of our tasks. Her initiative and creativity for our committee has made the blog that much better and I am so glad to have her. Along with the blog, she has also been crafting the cutest sister notes for “Caught in the Act.” Talk about a great multi-tasker! Her positive attitude and originality embodies the Gamma Sig Spirit of a true sister.” – Helen Rana

Keep up the great work girls!

Sister of the Week!

This week’s sister of the week is the lovely Sandra Demberger!


“We nominate Sandra for sister of the week. She went out of her way to thank us for PPU on Friday by bringing us a ziploc bag of candy for the night. This was so thoughtful and kind of her. Sandra always has a great attitude and was such a respectful passenger that night. We really appreciated her gift. Gamma love. – Rebecca Noymer & Kate Bailey”
Congrats Sandra, and thank you for being such a great sister!
Have a great week ladies!