Oh, the Places They Will Go

The Beta Gamma Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma at the University of Delaware would like to congratulate the Class of 2017! 


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -Confucius 


Best of luck ladies! We know you will do amazing things in the future! 



Congratulations are in Order

The Gamma Sigma Sigma Beta Gamma chapter would like to congratulate our executive board officers for Fall 2017. They were installed yesterday at our final chapter meeting of the semester. Their names and positions are listed below.

President: Dana Friedrich 

Service Vice President: Erin Simmons

Service Auditor: Katie Kramaric

Membership Vice President: Alanna Downey

Membership Coordinator: Camilla Daniel

Public Relations Coordinator: Geri Wallet

Financial Secretary: Marybeth Clancy

Treasurer: Laurel Sigman

Unity Chair: Emily Friedman

Social Coordinator: Maria Irace

Alumni Liaison: Kristina Demou 

National Representative: TyKia Duffy

Parliamentarian: Bridget Fassano

Corresponding Secretary: Claire Marik

Recording Secretary: Jess Laguardia 

Congratulations ladies! We cannot wait to see GSS shine in the fall! 



As the last two weeks of the class have begun their count down, many of us have started prepping for the battle of finals, paper, group projects, evaluations, and presentations that lay ahead of us. This might include buying as much K-cup coffees and monsters that your budget can allow, completely annihilating your sleep cycle, officially moving into the library, or dawning the same sweatpants and T-shirt that you have been living in for the next week and a half. However you plan to tackle your finals week, besides worrying about how sound your grades for your classes will be, remember to make sure your mind is sound too.

Mental Awareness is one of our two impact areas this semester and it is bringing attention to the fact that we have to bring to light mental health problems and do our best to keep safe sound minds within our community. This, ladies, includes finals week. Stressing yourself to tears is not a good sign. Pulling all nighters in expectations that your grade is directly correlated with how much time you put in studying, is unfortunately a sad myth. You need to make some time in your day to allow your brain to rest and retain what is being thrown at it.

For all of you lovely sisters that are still in Resident Halls, RSA (Resident Student Association) is hosting three events this week. There will be puppies on Monday, a pancake social on Tuesday and massages on Wednesday! 🙂

Enjoy and good luck on finals ladies!Relaxation

Healthy Hens!

Hey sisters!


Give yourself a challenge! The UD Lil Bob has a different Top Hen Challenge every month, where you  can enter for a 2-week time span. Challenges vary from sit ups, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups, bench press, and squats! The winner in each weight class wins a “Top Hen” tank top and gets their picture posted on the Blue Hen Recreation webpage.


So girls, I have one question for you: Challenge accepted?

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.22.31 PM


Sending all the Gamma Love to our newly elected executive board ❤

President: Jessie Reedy
Service Vice President: Jess Jang
Membership Vice President: Jessica Johnson
Public Relations Coordinator: Joanna Sugar
Financial Secretary: Dana Friedrich
Treasurer: Alex Abramova
Alumni Liason: Ashley Thompson
National Representative: Erin Simmons
Corresponding Secretary: Kristina Demou
Recording Secretary: Sammy Serling

Congrats ladies! Can’t wait to see all the great things you do next semester!

Healthy Relationships Are Important, Too!

Hello again lovely sisters! This week’s healthy living tip is all about relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but all the relationships we have in  our lives, with parents, loved ones, friends, professors, ANYONE we interact with. It’s important to take time to be thankful and recognize all the great support that we get from our friends and family! Take a second to tell these important people that you appreciate having them in your life, and maybe treat them to a little something special. By treating these people with positivity and kindness, you will feel happier and more secure in your relationships! Spread the kindness and Gamma Love!


Moderation is Key

Hey girls! I know Thanksgiving is coming up soon, which means ALL THE FOOD!!! But that also means it’ll be super easy to get carried away with portion sizes. It’s important to keep in mind that treating yourself is important, which means don’t deny yourself of delicious turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and deserts. This is a time to relax and enjoy family, friends, and food. Don’t stress over the calories – just promise that you’ll get back on track afterwards! And always remember moderation is your friend. You can enjoy all the turkey day goodies to an extent, and save the rest for later. Plus, you can find some time to go for a walk with home friends to catch up while burning off some Thanksgiving eats! Have a happy and healthy holiday, sisters!


Happy November Beta Gamma!

November is finally here! Although that means Thanksgiving is around the corner and that it is socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas music, this is a very busy time of year! Keep yourself motivated throughout the week! Be sure to keep track of all of your assignments and deadlines in a planner, go to the gym to relieve stress, and study hard! After you push through these next few weeks, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and a week off from school. You got this!G7UWo



Art Under The Stars

Art Under The Stars

As most of us should know, one of our two impacts areas this semester isYouth and The Arts. This impact area focuses on engaging and inspiring our youth to become involved with art in many of its form, whether it be theatre, painting, music, etc. As Gamma Sig sisters, we should looking for ways around campus to support and encourage this inspiring impact area.

One great way that this impact area was focused on recently around our campus was during a yearly UD sponsored an event on the North Green on October 24th, called Art Under the Stars. This event is sponsored by Residence Life and Housing and it’s intent was to provide UD students with the opportunity to showcase artwork of their own while also experiencing and celebrating others artwork as well. The art categories this year where “most sustainable”, “UD Pride”, and “Most Useful”. Artwork varied from poetry to recycled sculptures, from acapella to canvas paintings. The event lasted from 6 to 9 and really brought a wide range of art submissions as well as attendees. Overall, everyone has a great time and many people left with a broader scope of what art can entail.

Keep your eyes out for more upcoming events around UD that support our impact areas this semester!