Finals Week

Good luck to all our sisters on finals this week! You can do it!


Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to our new executive board!

President- Claire Marik

Service VP- Katie Silver

Membership VP- Dana Osborn

PR Coordinator- Lauren Conforti

Treasurer- Anne Mulderig

Recording Secretary- Emily Friedman

National Rep- Bridget Fassano

Financial Secretary- Sophia Connors

Alumni Liaison- Emily Young

Corresponding Secretary- Sydney Hirsch

Much gamma love to all of you!



Big News: Philanthropy and MITs

Congratulations to our new philanthropy the Boys and Girls Club.

Next semester, Gamma Sig will parter with the Boys and Girls Club to help raise money to support their amazing efforts.



New MITs! Next semester, Gamma Sig will also be welcoming a new MIT class. We are extremely excited to be able to welcome more girls into our Gamma Sig family.



Unity, Unity, and more Unity

Sisters and MITs alike have spent the last few weeks getting to know each other with sister dates, interview parties, and Unity events. This week the Unity commitee hosted a fun filled craft night where sisters and MITs painted mugs and got to know each other.


Sisters have also begun to host interview parties to welcome and meet new members. Here, a few of our members hosted MITs at their apartment for decorating delicious cupcakes!


Have a good week!


Fall Fun

The sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma had another great week filled with service and unity. This week we participated in service projects such as Faithful Friends and the Fall Clean-up. At Faithful Friends, sisters volunteered at a local animal shelter and at the Fall Clean-up, they worked to beautify the community.

On Sunday, Gamma Sig hosted our yearly Parent’s Weekend Brunch. It was a great way to connect with sisters and their families.




Apple Picking and Cider Sipping

The sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma had a weekend filled with service and unity. After a morning of volunteering on projects such as Puptober Fest and the Harvest Moon Festival, sisters and new members headed to Milburn Orchards for apple picking and bonding. The apple cider donuts were certainly a sweet treat to end the day!


On Sunday, sisters and our alumni group celebrated Founder’s Day. This year marks 65 years as an organization and 50 years as a chapter at the University of Delaware. To commemorate this day, sisters enjoyed brunch and a small service project.



Congratulations are in Order

The Gamma Sigma Sigma Beta Gamma chapter would like to congratulate our executive board officers for Fall 2017. They were installed yesterday at our final chapter meeting of the semester. Their names and positions are listed below.

President: Dana Friedrich 

Service Vice President: Erin Simmons

Service Auditor: Katie Kramaric

Membership Vice President: Alanna Downey

Membership Coordinator: Camilla Daniel

Public Relations Coordinator: Geri Wallet

Financial Secretary: Marybeth Clancy

Treasurer: Laurel Sigman

Unity Chair: Emily Friedman

Social Coordinator: Maria Irace

Alumni Liaison: Kristina Demou 

National Representative: TyKia Duffy

Parliamentarian: Bridget Fassano

Corresponding Secretary: Claire Marik

Recording Secretary: Jess Laguardia 

Congratulations ladies! We cannot wait to see GSS shine in the fall! 



As the last two weeks of the class have begun their count down, many of us have started prepping for the battle of finals, paper, group projects, evaluations, and presentations that lay ahead of us. This might include buying as much K-cup coffees and monsters that your budget can allow, completely annihilating your sleep cycle, officially moving into the library, or dawning the same sweatpants and T-shirt that you have been living in for the next week and a half. However you plan to tackle your finals week, besides worrying about how sound your grades for your classes will be, remember to make sure your mind is sound too.

Mental Awareness is one of our two impact areas this semester and it is bringing attention to the fact that we have to bring to light mental health problems and do our best to keep safe sound minds within our community. This, ladies, includes finals week. Stressing yourself to tears is not a good sign. Pulling all nighters in expectations that your grade is directly correlated with how much time you put in studying, is unfortunately a sad myth. You need to make some time in your day to allow your brain to rest and retain what is being thrown at it.

For all of you lovely sisters that are still in Resident Halls, RSA (Resident Student Association) is hosting three events this week. There will be puppies on Monday, a pancake social on Tuesday and massages on Wednesday! 🙂

Enjoy and good luck on finals ladies!Relaxation