Healthy Hens!

Hey sisters!


Give yourself a challenge! The UD Lil Bob has a different Top Hen Challenge every month, where you  can enter for a 2-week time span. Challenges vary from sit ups, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups, bench press, and squats! The winner in each weight class wins a “Top Hen” tank top and gets their picture posted on the Blue Hen Recreation webpage.


So girls, I have one question for you: Challenge accepted?

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What Are You Thankful For?

Take time this week to think about what you are thankful for. Tell friends, family, your big, your little, and everyone else why you are thankful for them! Although it is easy to get caught up in the gluttony of the Thanksgiving meal and the glamour of Black Friday shopping, remember what this holiday is really all about. Have a wonderful break Beta Gammas!




Sending all the Gamma Love to our newly elected executive board ❤

President: Jessie Reedy
Service Vice President: Jess Jang
Membership Vice President: Jessica Johnson
Public Relations Coordinator: Joanna Sugar
Financial Secretary: Dana Friedrich
Treasurer: Alex Abramova
Alumni Liason: Ashley Thompson
National Representative: Erin Simmons
Corresponding Secretary: Kristina Demou
Recording Secretary: Sammy Serling

Congrats ladies! Can’t wait to see all the great things you do next semester!

Healthy Relationships Are Important, Too!

Hello again lovely sisters! This week’s healthy living tip is all about relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but all the relationships we have in  our lives, with parents, loved ones, friends, professors, ANYONE we interact with. It’s important to take time to be thankful and recognize all the great support that we get from our friends and family! Take a second to tell these important people that you appreciate having them in your life, and maybe treat them to a little something special. By treating these people with positivity and kindness, you will feel happier and more secure in your relationships! Spread the kindness and Gamma Love!


Moderation is Key

Hey girls! I know Thanksgiving is coming up soon, which means ALL THE FOOD!!! But that also means it’ll be super easy to get carried away with portion sizes. It’s important to keep in mind that treating yourself is important, which means don’t deny yourself of delicious turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and deserts. This is a time to relax and enjoy family, friends, and food. Don’t stress over the calories – just promise that you’ll get back on track afterwards! And always remember moderation is your friend. You can enjoy all the turkey day goodies to an extent, and save the rest for later. Plus, you can find some time to go for a walk with home friends to catch up while burning off some Thanksgiving eats! Have a happy and healthy holiday, sisters!


Out With the Boots, In With the Booties!

We all love our go-to fall shoe: tall leather boots. However, this season, mix up your look with ankle booties! Heeled or flat, bright or neutral – booties come in all styles, making them the perfect addition to any outfit! Try pairing them with a casual skirt or dress, especially on these (unseasonably) warm days! When the temperatures drop, match your booties to your favorite fall flannel to give your outfit an extra pop of color. Dressed up or dressed down, they’re perfect for your next sister date!

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