Big/Little Week Inspiration

So, the Beta Lambdas have been pledging for a while now, and it’s time to start thinking about BIG/LITTLE WEEK since its just a couple weeks away! Ahh! So exciting! Big/Little Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year!

But as a little, I found Big/Little Week to be super intimidating. How was I supposed to spoil someone for a whole week?!

The biggest thing to keep in mind when planning for big/little week is to go in with a plan. Start thinking now about themes that you want to do. You can do a more generic theme (Beach day, Spa day, Girls night in, Candyland) or you could do something more tailored to her tastes, though this could be difficult since you’ll need to personalize it in a pretty quick timetable. I recommend doing a mix of both if you can…When coming up with your themes, try to think of things that will be easy to make impactful at first glance. Try to stick with a color scheme for the day to pull your vision together!

But no matter your theme, you’ll need to make sure to execute it well. I recommend finding something to fill up a lot of space (streamers, balloons, feathers, whatever it may be) and then add a few smaller things to really make it stand out. In all likelihood, you’ll basically just be decorating her bed, and maybe hanging a poster on her wall or leaving some goodies on her desk, especially if she has a roommate.

When I was planning for big/little week (which seems like forever ago!), I made a list for each day. I found my lists from back then when I was going through files on my computer, so I figured I’d share what it looked like!

day 1Monday: “Birds of a feather stick together”

  • Bed – cover in feathers, tablecloth
  • Wall hangings – posters, bird cut-outs
  • Goodies – bucket with gummy worms, peeps, bird house

day 2Tuesday: Undercover Spy Day

  • Door – caution tape
  • Wall hangings – posters, red yarn (“lasers”)
  • Goodies – chocolate mustaches, top secret envelope w/ clue inside, picture frame

day 3Wednesday: Under the Sea

  • Wall hangings – posters, streamers (“seaweed” & “waves” on the ceiling)
  • Goodies – Swedish fish, goldfish, swimmies, bubbles, fish wind chime

day 4Thursday: Dr. Suess // Reveal day!

  • Wall hangings – book cover posters, cat in the hat hats, Dr. Suess quotes, tissue paper flower balls (from ceiling)
  • Goodies – one fish, two fish cupcakes; cat in the hat stuffed animal; trufula tree pencils; Dr. Suess books; tote bag
  • Reveal: Scavenger hunt with cat in the hat hats – rhyming clues leading her around campus finally to Kate’s for dinner! Matching Thing 1/Thing 2 shirts


Obviously, my themes aren’t the end-all, beat-all, but I hope they provide you with some inspiration as you think about big/little week! Consider looking up kid’s birthday party ideas, because moms usually have such creative ideas for easy & effective DIY projects!

Gamma love,